Specialized Vehicle Damage Repair

We specialize in repairing all vehicle materials from plastic to aluminum and fibreglass. Our years of experience and training coupled with our state of the art repair equipment make us your choice for vehicle damage repair in Moncton New Brunswick.

Plastic Welding

Often times plastic bumpers are cracked as a result of even a slight impact. Through plastic welding we can repair most bumpers cost effectively even if there may be small pieces missing.

We recently purchased a Nitrogen Welder! This makes us one of a few shops in Atlantic Canada do have capability to perform complicated plastic welding procedures. Welding with Nitrogen allows us to make more precise and stronger repairs that will never break. This allows us to repair bumpers that had to be replaced in the past.

Aluminum Repair

Aluminum is different to repair than steel, requiring different adhesives and equipment. Our training and equipment ensures that the vehicle will be structurally secure in the event of a secondary collision.

Trinity Collision has made a significant investment in training staff for aluminum repairs and purchasing specialized aluminum repair equipment.

Fiberglass Repair

From fibreglass body moving vans to boats we can repair and restore your damaged fibreglass and return it to its original light weight and strength.

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