Aluminum Repair

We’re proud to announce that Trinity Collision Centre is a Ford Certified Aluminum Repair Facility in New Brunswick.

The more aluminum is used in the production of a vehicle, the less the weight of the vehicle and the less fuel it consumes. The down side? Aluminum is different to repair than steel, requiring different adhesives and equipment. Our training and equipment ensures that the vehicle will be structurally secure in the event of a secondary collision.

The 2015 Ford F-150 has a reduced curb weight by up to 750 pounds through the extensive use of aluminum in the body structure and high strength steel in the frame. This innovation in technology means that body repair shops like us need to invest in specific tools and equipment such as Aluminum MIG Welders, Aluminum Dent-Pulling tools, Fume Extraction tools, Dust Collection Systems, Aluminum Riveting and Work Area Separation Systems.

Trinity Collision has made a significant investment in training staff for aluminum repairs and purchasing specialized aluminum repair equipment.

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Why Choose Us:

I-CAR Gold Certified

Each technician must take two courses per year just to maintain this certification. These courses are designed to make sure the technicians are up to date on the latest methods and techniques to repair newer model vehicles.

Secure Parking Compound

We have two gated, secure compounds for storing. These compounds are monitored with a state of the art video surveillance system.

Specialized Service for Heavy Trucks

We are equipped with a commercial highway truck down draft baking system and a commercial high-tech paint mixing system which ensures a high quality refinish each time.

Attention to Details

Through our comprehensive repair process our attention to detail has exceeded industry standards and will ensure your repair quality.

Environmentally Responsible and Certified

The collision industry can produce a high level of waste from packages, damaged parts and drained fluids. We have been a leader in recycling for several years and are continually working towards a minimal environmental footprint.

Team of Professionals

We strive to achieve 100% customer satisfaction from all our customers and have our highly trained team of professionals to help us achieve it. Each year every member of the team must go through designated training to attain a certain level criteria for their position.

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Customer Testimonials:

  • My wife and I have been insured by our insurance company for many years and never had any reason to be anything other than satisfied. Trinity Collision was prompt, courteous and punctual. Good Job. Trinity Collision – looked the damage over immediately and explained what had to be done, Made an appointment, Had rental ready when I took the car in for repair, repairs were done on time and well, good experience there.

    Happy Customer
  • Awesome service – friendly, prompt
    Everything was taken care of – I appreciated their service! Very satisfied.

    Happy Customer
  • The folks at Trinity were very courteous and attentive to me at the time of my visit with them. The work done on my car was well done and the extra cleaning that was done inside and outside of the car was much appreciated. Thank you.

    Happy Customer
  • We have received excellent service from Trinity Collision Centre. The staff is very professional and customer oriented and very courteous.

    Happy Customer
  • Trinity Collision Centre was truly great. I would definitely go back there. Very painless.

    Happy Customer
  • Very professional, courteous and attentive staff to your specific needs when driving another car that you are not use to. I was recommended to them and recommend Trinity Collision Centre to anyone who needs the service. Thanks for all your help!

    Happy Customer
  • Very friendly and helpful staff at Trinity Collision. Very relieved that someone else was paying this time.

    Happy Customer
  • Trinity Collision did an outstanding job repairing and matching the paint.

    Happy Customer
  • Someone ran into me on the day we were leaving for vacation. Trinity Collision Centre picked my vehicle up from my home, dealt directly with my insurance company, and had the vehicle ready for me to pick up when I got home. My bumper looked great and on top of it all the vehicle had been completely cleaned, inside and out! Great service.

    J. Brown